Welcome to the Literacy Research Commons. It is a site for persons interested in exploring literacy matters and accessing resources on literacy research and developments. Initially, it is mostly my own postings that include a potpourri of my notes and lectures for a graduate level course dealing with a history of literacy education research and practice in modern times. The course material includes my video lectures as well as some conversations with my colleague and close friend P David Pearson. My apologize for their quality but these materials involved a single take recording rather than scripted productions. David and I did turn these lectures and our discussions into a book that Teachers College Press is making available.

The website also offers a library of papers that relate to the course and provides a space for forums on different topics to which I hope people will contribute. For some opinion pieces, a soapbox is provided that is modeled after Sunday at the Domain in downtown Sydney where political agitators climbed upon a box and shared their opinions to any one inclined to listen.

If you wish to contribute to the site or are having any difficulty obtaining access or have comments you wish to share, please contact me at rob.tierney@ubc.ca.