Fact-checking the Science of Reading

Rob Tierney and P David Pearson explore the validity of claims associated with the Science of Reading as they have appeared in social media, the popular press, and academic works.

The book offers a comprehensive review of these claims—analyzing the evidence, reasoning, assumptions, and consequences associated with each claim—and closes with ideas for moving beyond the debates to greater consensus or accommodation of differences. The book is a must read for educators involved in teaching reading, as well as parents, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

A History of Literacy Education

Waves of Research and Practice

Robert J. Tierney, P. David Pearson

In this volume, Rob and David trace the monumental shifts in theory, research, and practice related to reading education and literacy, with particular attention to what they consider the central goal of literacy—making meaning. Each section describes a specific epoch, including a brief snapshot of how the reader of that period is envisioned and characterized by researchers and teachers, as well as a deep discussion of the ideas and contextual events of that era. These developmental waves are organized in rough historical sequence by a series of shifts in underlying theoretical and scholarly lenses—from the behavioral to the psycholinguistic to the cognitive to the sociocultural to the critical to the multimodal to the global. The book closes with a discussion of the various research frames and methodological approaches that paralleled these developments. Throughout, there is a profound recognition that all research and practice are ultimately directed toward how students make meaning, from sound to letter to word, to ideas and images.

Book Features:

  • Animates some of the revolutionary developments related to reading education and literacy in modern times.
  • Each development is accompanied by a discussion of the aspirational reader that sets the stage for contemplating these shifts and their significance.
  • Traces the research and theoretical developments to illustrate the origins of the shifts and their influences.
  • Supported by a website with video lectures and conversations tied to the various waves of development.Rob and David