The search for best method

The second section on the assembled reader and the “Search for Best       Method” followed a period of intensity spurred by concern that reading failures were growing and a belief that researchers should identify the best method for teaching beginning reading. It was as if there was a race between approaches in hopes of […]

A modern history of literacy education

A modern history of literacy education: waves of development in literacy education research represents an effort to animate the history of reading/literacy in modern times especially tied to some of the epoch developments that have occurred. In particular, the global reading and literacy education community has experienced some monumental shifts: The shift from behaviorism to […]

Some social and scientific foundations

The first section begins with a look back over the last 150 years to some of key antecedents especially the influence of psychological studies of reading and the connections to German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt and William James in the US who mentored some of west’s leading reading scholars. You will be introduced to Edmund Huey […]